Amazing Umbrella Installations from around the World

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Bill Callahan's Kath Bloom Cover is beautiful....

Treetop Houses

My dream is to live in a home like this-with a glass roof, in the woods, and by the sea:

Linda Fernandez's Wacky World of Wonder!

Linda is my dear friend that currently resides in Barcelona, Espana. Check out her amazing House Project on her newly jazzed up website: While you're at it, knock yourself out and navigate on over to "Fashion" to check out her babe-ilicious handmade berets!

Wood's "Rain On"

Wood's new record "Songs of Shame" has been making me a very happy lady lately. If you haven't already, I highly recommend you get your sweet little mitts on it.

Listen to an incredibly beautiful live version of "Rain On" here:

And check out a large part of their discography in it's full track length glory here:

Also, consider getting your boogies on with me in Brooklyn June 13th when they play the Shank at 8 pm.

Kate MccGwire's Pigeon Feather Art

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Silly Graffiti Humor

Crazy Umbrella Dress from Milan Fashion Week

Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images

Manish Arora Fall 2009 @ Paris Fashion Week,0,0

Stacked Crayon Pixel Art by Christian Faur

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Mosaic Lady Wall Scupltures in Philly

I just discovered these the other day around the corner from where I live. I love the way vines have grown along the wall and wrapped around some of the ladies. I want to plant some flowers in the one with the pot on her head when Spring comes.

Alexandre Orion's Human Interactive Street Art

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Yuken Teruya's Toilet Paper Roll Art

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Turtle Stepping Stones


JR's Slum Art in Kenya

After more than a year of planning, 2000 square meters of rooftops have been covered with photos of the eyes and faces of the women of Kibera, Kenya. The material used is water resistant so that the photo itself will protect the fragile houses in the heavy rain season. The train that passes on this line through Kibera at least twice a day has also been covered with eyes from the women that live below it. With the eyes on the train, the bottom half of the their faces have be pasted on corrugated sheets on the slope that leads down from the tracks to the rooftops. The idea being that for the split second the train passes, their eyes will match their smiles and their faces will be complete.
See more at http://JR-ART.NET/

Open Burble Project

"In Open Burble, members of the public come together to compose, assemble and control an immense rippling, glowing, bustling 'Burble' that sways in the evening sky, in response to the crowd interacting below. This massive structure, the form of which the public has themselves designed, exists at such a large scale that it is able to compete visually in an urban context with the skyscrapers that surround it."

Burble London from haque d+r on Vimeo.